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What constitutes a modern corporate intranet?

Branding and end-user support could enliven today's corporate intranet. And learn how the intranet's future lies with the 'single pane of glass' concept.

The corporate intranet has been around for decades, but it has a reputation as being outdated, distracting and user-unfriendly. Organizations that want to deploy a corporate intranet need to rethink its place in employee workflows.

Today's intranet should focus on employee communication and collaboration, according to Andrew Dixon, senior vice president of marketing and operations at Igloo Software, a cloud-based intranet and social software provider.

In the webinar "A Single Pane of Glass for Collaboration: Fad or Future?" Dixon said a modern, corporate intranet should be a suite of communication and collaboration tools, including social tools, wikis for company policies, and task management. Tools need to be wrapped around a strong architecture that acts as the foundation for how a business wants to organize company information and solve the problem of internal communications.

For a corporate intranet deployment to be successful, two things are required: branding and end-user support. Dixon said intranets need to fit with an organization's branding to encourage employee adoption.

"They need to look like your company in order for people to want to use the tool and participate in conversations," he said.

Corporate intranets also need to be driven by the end user to be successful. Dixon said modern intranets are highly configurable by the end user with a simple interface.

"It allows you to be very agile in adapting your intranet as a living, breathing thing to solve your business needs," he said.

Corporate intranets are headed toward the idea of a single pane of glass, Dixon said. For example, organizations today deploy horizontal and vertical applications that have different interfaces and training requirements, but they don't work together. An intranet can bring these applications together into one corporate hub and enable better teamwork, Dixon said.

"You have your content and you have views of those applications that exist across your company, all in context with your workflow," he said. "That's where good corporate intranets are headed."

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