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What can make telephone systems more energy efficient?

You can make just about anything energy efficient, even telephone systems. See what options our unified communications expert suggests.

Is anything being done to make telephone systems more energy efficient? How can I ensure we're using the lowest-power phone equipment?

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Something is being done to make pretty much everything more energy efficient these days, although in some cases it is a bit of a tradeoff. Consider companies that are doing away with telephone systems in lieu of cell phones. VoIP and DC-powered phones are huge when you consider getting rid of power bricks and using a more energy-efficient power supply in a switch. Some phone systems are more efficient just by using power supplies that have better efficiency ratings. Most telephone manufacturers have some energy-efficient solution. I encourage everyone to challenge their vendors, make sure ROI statements are applicable to your environment (not just literature), and measure what is actually happening in day-to-day use.

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