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What are the soft savings of VoIP?

Learn about the soft savings of VoIP, including presence and other employee efficiency.

What are the soft savings in VoIP?
This is a broad topic, and one that keeps growing. At a high level, the soft savings are based on productivity improvements, many of which are hard to measure, but some are tangible. Examples of the latter would include improved customer satisfaction ratings resulting from better problem resolution, or increased sales because VoIP allows sales people to make a few more calls a week.

Stepping back, though, the soft savings have more to do with the efficiencies that come with VoIP. For example, VoIP often provides richer calling features, making for more productive communication. VoIP also enables presence, which facilitates better real time communication, especially around initiating ad hoc meetings. Since employees only need a broadband connection to use VoIP, this means they can use it in more places, making it easier to stay connected, especially out of the office. With mobility and teleworking growing in importance, the soft benefits of VoIP are becoming easier for businesses to understand.

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