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What are the key credentials a UC consultant should possess?

If you are considering applying for a UC consultant position, learn what certifications Ed Tittel recommends before you send in your resume.

I would like to apply for a position as a Unified Communications Consultant, but want to know which of the many components of UC would be best to focus my attention on. I assume that general UC knowledge is key, but which specific applications are hot enough right now that specific knowledge of them would propel me ahead of other applicants with broad UC knowledge?
Enterprise CallManager and Unity seem to be the keys to the Cisco kingdom, insofar as Unified Communications are concerned. It's also a very, very good idea to have a strong working background in Microsoft Exchange, because so much of the UC infrastructure also rests in that particular area as well. Many people who work in this area recommend digging into the MS Exchange certs as a good way to get into the Cisco UC area (see the MCTS and MCITP Enterprise Messaging Administrator credentials/pages for more information).

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