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What are the benefits to taking the Cisco 642-426 troubleshooting UC course and UCSE training?

Working around Cisco UC-related systems like CallManager and Unity does not require UCSE training, but Cisco's 642-426 troubleshooting UC course and exam may be well worth the time.

Do you think it would be worth my time to take the Cisco 642-426 Troubleshooting UC course and exam if I already know how to troubleshoot our enterprise's UC system? What benefit would passing the exam give me if I am not planning a career/company change? At some point will UCSE training be required?
If you work around Cisco UC related systems or components -- most notably, Enterprise CallManager and Unity -- and are also involved with IP networking and telephony on Cisco gear, this is a great way to improve your skills and knowledge in these areas, and then to demonstrate them by continuing on to acquire the CCVP certification.

If you already have the skills and knowledge needed, your question about benefits in the absence of a job or career change is a good one: there will have to be some perceived value for this in your own eyes to justify the effort and expense, but it would also be nice if your manager knew about and approved this activity as well. You might ask about being sent to a prep class, or at least having your study material and exam costs covered, if your company goes so far as to endow its employees with educational benefits. As for UCSE, if you do plan on pursuing the CCVP, it will surely be required, and if you want to extend your Unity skills and knowledge, it can't hurt, either.

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