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What are some trending and emerging API use cases?

Communication APIs offer a wide range of uses for enterprises. Discover some of the leading and emerging use cases for organizations today.

The leading communication API use cases are hard to pinpoint simply because of their variety. But, with that said,...

let's examine some API use cases that are trending and emerging in the market.

Application-to-person SMS (A2P SMS) is playing a large role in communication APIs. Its use seems to be increasing because of its role in two-factor authentication (2FA). With recent data breaches and the need for simpler customer login, more vendors are adding 2FA or one-time password support to their application login processes. A2P SMS usually involves sending PIN codes over SMS. This will be a short-lived trend, however, as A2P SMS will be replaced with cheaper and less-intrusive methods in the future.

Number masking is another dominant API use case, where Uber-like companies act as marketplaces in the gig economy and connect service providers and their customers. When communication needs to be escalated, it is often done via SMS or voice calls through private numbers created for this purpose. As we move forward, these numbers will be replaced by IP messaging and application voice calling.

API vendors demonstrate how to embed web-calling features into apps.

Contact-center virtualization lets contact-center agents work from anywhere, without the need for any software installation. This is done by connecting regular phone calls to the agent's customer relationship management platform via WebRTC. This silent revolution is happening without consumers even noticing the change, while enabling a lot more flexibility to contact-center vendors.

Video consultation could shape the future of customer service. Video chats are mostly used to provide the actual service, as opposed to support or presale activities. The main API use cases for video consultations include doctor visitation and private tutoring.

Social live streaming is an emerging API use case where two or more people engage in online group video chat. The focus is on the user experience and interaction level offered by the service.

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