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What are VoIP over Wi-Fi best practices?

What are some best practices for running VoIP over Wi-Fi? UC expert Zeus Kerravala explains the steps enterprises can take for a smooth deployment.

There are many points to consider when deploying Voice over IP (VoIP), including the readiness of the wired network and WAN considerations. One part of the network that is becoming increasingly important in the enterprise, however, is the wireless network. In fact, for many workers, the Wi-Fi network will be their primary network for voice communication. If you're seriously considering VoIP over Wi-Fi, take the following steps:

  • Ensure pervasive coverage. This means no holes in coverage in areas like lobbies, elevators, bathrooms, cafeteria and outdoor areas. The wireless network should reach 100% of the campus.
  • Make the Wi-Fi network denser. More phones means more traffic, which ultimately means more overhead on the access points (APs). Increase the number of APs in a building to handle two to three times more devices over the next five years.
  • Deploy redundant APs.This can be handled by backhauling alternate APs to alternate switches, so if a switch fails, all the APs in a single area are not lost.

By following these best practices, you can ensure a successful deployment of VoIP over Wi-Fi.

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