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What applications or processes are best to enable with unified communications (UC) functionality?

Learn about which applications and processes are best to enable with UC functionality.

What applications or processes are best to enable with UC functionality?
There are some good rules of thumb to use when making this determination. At present, it doesn't necessarily make sense to provide your entire organization with all of the same UC tools. It is important to understand the culture of your employees as well as their individual roles within the company. Having this information up front can steer you in the right direction.

Generally speaking, you can find value in embedding communications into business processes wherever you need closer collaboration or where your company relies on speed and efficiency for generating revenue. One example would be in the pharmaceutical industry where typically teams that are developing new drugs have substantial business process rules they follow. These teams might also be disbursed geographically. The ability to foster greater collaboration within the business process helps drive greater efficiencies. Extend this to the pharmaceutical sales rep, who is constantly mobile and away from the office. Providing these UC tools in their handheld device keeps them connected to the enterprise and, more importantly, connected to their customers through capabilities such as presence and one number service. With presence they can reach out to an expert in their company when a doctor has a specific question on efficacy of a drug they are marketing.

If the culture of your company embraces change and technology more readily you can propagate this concept into a greater subset of your enterprise such as in finance or HR. You may deploy elements of UC through CEBA to a wide range of end users to give them the ability to work faster and more efficiently while leveraging CEBP for a smaller subset of the enterprise.

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