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We want to use VoIP over the LAN without PBX hardware. Any suggestions?

We are trying to implement VoIP. The basic features that we want are call connect and answering, call holding,...

call forwarding and call conferencing. Since we intend to implement VoIP strictly on the LAN, we do not intend to use PBX hardware. Any suggestions about what should we use?

If the number of phones is going to be relatively small, you can look for IP phones with the feature set you desire and program them with fixed IP addresses. The phones should support local conference mixing, call forward, and call hold (you will not have music with this approach). They also need to have the ability to dial each other directly by fixed IP address. It's also nice if there is a phone book so you can put the other phones in as speed dial entries for convenience. One such phone that can allow you to do all this is the ZIP 4x4 IP phone from Zultys.

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