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VoiceXML IVRs and VUI design

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How would I find an expert in VoiceXML IVR, ideally versed in mortgage servicing? We need to set up a call flow. We bought hardware that we are using with another IVR program. The current servicing VRU has not been successful and we want to improve it during migration to our new IVR. Any suggestions?
An easy to use and comprehensive Voice User Interface (VUI) design is required for the mortgage service application.

Your service provider would need to understand the mortgage service processes, identify issues with the current implementations (using existing management information and/or recordings), design alternatives (some of which may be better implemented using speech recognition technologies), test the design using Wizard of Oz simulations (if possible) and then come up with recommendations for implementation.

I would also recommend call analysis, to determine the way callers interact with the agents to identify the processes involved and what can be realistically automated. During the "Wizard of Oz" simulation (before deployment) a number of different dialogue/call flow variants can be trialed.

As a starting point see the following link for information with regard to good dialogue/call flow design/ practice: http://spotlight.ccir.ed.ac.uk/English_frames/html_files/dialogue_design_guide.htm.

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