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VoIP market predictions for 2008

Carrie Higbie offers her expert picks for new VoIP trends and details where she predicts the market will head in 2008.

With 2008 fast approaching, where do you see the VoIP market heading? What are the new 'trends' you are seeing or anticipating?
First of all, we are going to see more telecommunications carriers offering enhancements to their services. I also think we are going to see more movement away from wireless as saturation continues to build and security concerns grow. There will be collaboration offerings further driving up the need for bandwidth particularly in the data centers, and gigabit to the desktop will become the norm to take advantage of the enhanced capabilities offered by collaboration and great products like telepresence. I also think that cell companies are going to realize the amount of money they stand to lose as these services become increasingly available in other markets and will work to bring their rates to more attractive levels for global travellers.

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