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VoIP certs

I have my CCNA certification and am working with EXL technologies as a customer support engineer for Avaya products....

I would like to know about the certifications in VoIP or the similar fields, as well as to learn about Cisco IGX. If you do a little trolling on well-organized certification portals like GoCertify.com, CertCities.com or CertMag.com, you'll find searchable certification databases that you can interrogate for specific information about certs, including on focused topics like VoIP. Because VoIP happens to be a particular interest of mine, I can tell you that in addition to Cisco and Avaya, you'll also find numerous related offerings from companies like Alcatel, Global Knowledge, Lucent Technologies and Nortel. It's also possible that the NACSE Telecomm technician certs dig into this area as well, but perhaps not to the depth you seek.

The thing about these certs is that they're invariably platform-specific and will tie you to working with specific systems and equipment. That's why you might also want to look in the vendor-neutral Convergence Technologies Professional (CTP) certification as well, which is supported by nearly all of the vendors I've already mentioned here and several others besides.

I hope I've addressed your concerns. Thanks for posting to our site.


This was last published in September 2004

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