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Strong authentication and cryptography for VoIP

>How can VOIP become a fully qualified participant in the trusted communications if VOIP terminals and users are not strongly authenticated, their associations established and all sessions managed using cryptography and key management?


The question you ask is currently a problem in the VoIP space. As you are probably aware, this is the reason that VoIP is currently deployed within enterprise boundaries. To go beyond this will definitely require the AAA and encryption available in the IP world in general. The VoIP world is still in the early stages of its evolution. You may notice that end-point authentication in the wired LAN area has only just started to be deployed and the standards have been driven by the WiFi activities. The Wireless data world will give the VoIP world all the standards and mechanisms it needs to achieve full end-to-end security. The open question that remains then is - how quickly will customers upgrade their infrastructure to take advantage of the new standards?

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