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Recommended codecs for wideband speech

In this expert answer, Patrick Ferriter discusses codecs for wideband speech and possible options for several target markets.

Has the time for wideband speech (50 Hz - 7 KHz transmitted speech signal bandwidth) finally come for VoIP? If so, which codecs would you recommend? G.722, G.722 2/AMR-WB, VMR-WB or some other proprietary solution?

Many suppliers are now beginning to offer VoIP products that support wideband speech. The selection of codec will...

likely depend on the target market.

For example, if a company is making a VoIP telephone set for the enterprise that supports wideband speech, it would likely support G.722. If a company is making a mobile phone for the 3G network they would likely want to support G.722.2 and VMR-WB.

Some manufacturers decide to support proprietary codecs for various reasons. For example, Global IP Sound provides the iPCM codec, which it claims will provide better speech quality than G.722.2.


This was last published in October 2005

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