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Recession's effects on entry level communications salaries

Unlike MBAs, entry level communication engineer positions in UC and VoIP will not plummet in the face of recession.

With the economy in a presumable recession for the time being [and near future], do you foresee entry level networking, VoIP and unified communications engineering position salaries decreasing [as new MBA grad salaries have]?
To mangle the famous line from Bill Clinton: "That depends on what you mean by 'decrease.'" I don't think such salaries are actually likely to go down in absolute numbers, as they have indeed done for newly-minted MBAs, but that's because those numbers are smaller (and thus "more realistic") anyway. What I do think is likely is that there will either be no or only very slow earnings growth until the economy gets back into gear. Given the rates of increases in the cost of living and inflation of late, that means the real value of such salaries will indeed be going down, but that's because of the economic climate, inflation, and the decreasing dollar, not because the numbers are actually getting smaller.

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