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Is the definition of social media part of UC?

The definition of social media is in the beginning stages of becoming part of unified communications, says analyst Zeus Kerravala.

Should social media be considered part of unified communications and collaboration (UCC)?

In theory, the social media definition should be part of unified communications and collaboration because it is a collaboration and/or communications application. Therefore, if you're going to unify your communications, then it would make sense to do so with social media. In fact, one could argue that social media acts as the glue for all of UC. It enables you to launch calls, share documents, see presence, etc. For example, if you built click-to-call into social media, I would be able to see your presence status on my social network as "available," and I could click and call you. And why couldn't I do that from Twitter?

We're in the very early days of this. Using a baseball analogy, I would say we're in the first inning of social media being part of UC.

From my ZK Research, 64% of companies say there's too much social information to manage effectively. Twitter feeds fly by so fast now, making it challenging to manage the content in it. We need better analytic tools to help see only what you need to see. People also need to learn better etiquette, as well. For instance, if you're going to retweet, you should add something like a link to a resource that might help you learn about the topic. Social media updates should be actionable. Give an opinion or post a link; don't just retweet.

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