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Is the Cisco 642-426 TUC course a prerequisite for CCNA certification?

While not a required step, Cisco recommends earning the CCNA prior to pursuing other Cisco Professional credentials.

Is the Cisco 642-426 Troubleshooting UC course part of the CCNA certification? If not do you need to have the CCNA Certification in order to take the Cisco 642-426 Troubleshooting UC course?
The 642-426 is the CCVP exam. It's a pre-requisite to possess a CCNA to obtain that certification, but AFAIK, it's not a pre-requisite for taking the related TUC course. That said, Cisco recommends earning the CCNA as a preliminary step to pursuing any of the Cisco Certified Professional credentials, including the CCVP, so I would recommend that you either go ahead and earn the CCNA before pursuing the 642-426 training, or familiarize yourself thoroughly with that curriculum, simply because the course and its contents depend on a pretty broad and complete background on Cisco tools, terminology, and technology that the CCNA has been designed to deliver.

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