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Is a unified communications application the best fit for a teleworker environment?

SearchVoIP.com expert Carrie Higbie suggests UC solutions for a teleworker environment.

Is a unified communications application the best fit for a teleworker environment?
Unified communications ROCK! Can you tell I am a fan? It is an awesome means to manage all your communications whether you are a teleworker, or like myself a road warrior. The single biggest advantage is the ability to integrate into so many other applications. I think this is the best technology to be invented in this area. The funny thing is that it is not new, but rather the features just get better and better. It has been around for a long time and totally underutilized in my humble opinion. For organizations with many teleworkers, remote locations, etc., one of the coolest things is the ability to provide a single voicemail and email system that is fully integrated and can forward messages wherever they are needed via email files in the form of a .wav or other media file eliminating the need to dial into a home voicemail system. Unless a company has a voicemail system that will notify you that you have voicemail, lots of calls are wasted just to hear "You have no new messages." This goes away with UC.

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