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Is 'UC as a Service' synonymous with 'cloud UC'?

Tom Nolle, president of CIMI Corp., explains how the terms 'UC as a service (UCaaS)' and 'cloud UC' are used in the industry in this expert response.

Is "UC as a Service" synonymous with "cloud UC" or is it a proprietary term? And are services like voice (IP telephony) and video typically part of the UC cloud?

While Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) might have started out as a proprietary term, it's not used that way today. Most everyone uses the term generically. The difference between UCaaS and some other terms is that they don't necessarily imply the UC offering is Software as a Service; you could host a UC server on Infrastructure as a Service or even without a cloud. Adding just the term "cloud" to a UC or voice element isn't all that helpful because there's too much cloud washing to allow you to define what you mean reliably. As for voice and video services featured under UCaaS, I think that all IP telephony is a service, likewise video communications. With UCaaS it's significant because there are data-center-hosted UC options so cloud UC is a different approach to a common application.

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