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Is Polycom HDX Series or Group Series the better videoconference investment?

Which is better: Polycom HDX or Group Series? Videoconferencing expert Stephen K. Campbell explains how to decide which is best for your enterprise.

In evaluating Cisco and Polycom end points, test results indicate Polycom performs better on our MPLS VPN network. We are now evaluating two of Polycom's videoconferencing systems: Polycom HDX and Group Series. From a technology standpoint, which system is a better investment?

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The Polycom Group Series is new, whereas the Polycom HDX Series is the workhorse that's been around a few years. The HDX Series is still relevant, especially for those organizations that may want to plug in a phone line or need to do Integrated Service Digital Network (ISDN) connectivity (while this is rare, some sites may need it). I haven't worked directly with the Group Series yet in my engagements, but I have conferenced with people who have used them and the picture is great. Your Polycom sales or systems engineer should go through the differences between the videoconferencing systems in detail and look closely at the interface requirements, such as needing a third-party camera. The HDX Series is like a Swiss army knife and will do most anything. The Group Series, I suspect, is more cost effective.

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