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How will VoIP impact the quality of phone calls on our network?

Learn how VoIP impacts the quality of phone calls on a network.

How will VoIP impact the quality of phone calls on our network?
If the network is properly engineered and optimized for VoIP, call quality should be very comparable to what employees are used to. This is easier said than done, however, and it would not be unexpected for quality to be a bit inconsistent, at least in the early stages of use. VoIP is still not totally carrier grade, and first time users need to be somewhat forgiving at the beginning. Most quality issues with VoIP are fixable, and enterprises must also keep in mind the benefits and advantages that come with IP telephony.

In most cases, VoIP deployments are still connecting to the PSTN, and that is the root of many quality problems. SIP trunking goes a long way to eliminating these problems, and enterprises are now starting to move in that direction. This is good news, because SIP trunking creates the end-to-end IP connection that can make VoIP truly carrier grade. In fact, SIP trunking sets the stage for IP to perform at peak potential, which translates into a superior quality experience. This occurs when enterprises start supporting wideband codecs for HD audio, which is noticeably better than the TDM quality voice we have long been accustomed to.

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