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How vital is VoIP training for users during a migration?

When migrating to VoIP training must extend beyond the IT department. End users will need training on features such as voicemail and conference calls to avoid migration setbacks.

For any organization migrating to VoIP, employee training is critical to generate good end-user adoption and satisfaction as you want users to take advantage of the hardware and software benefits.

The organization should conduct VoIP training for both the administrators of the system and the end users. For users, the training should look to boost their comfort level with the new technology. Neglecting end-user VoIP training could result in unhappy users who might report every problem to IT and dilute help desk resources with repetitive questions.

Since a company is making an investment in this technology for the benefit of the business, the organization needs to assure that users can use all the necessary aspects of the system. For instance, if end users can make calls, but can't conference, transfer calls or check voicemail, the users will consider migrating to VoIP to be a failure.

The risk is simply not worth the small savings of skipping VoIP training.

From an IT administration standpoint, VoIP training is critical and should be included with the installation as knowledge transfer. An incorrect configuration of an IP system could not work at all or be open to a variety of security vulnerabilities.

Any administrator would be frustrated if left to "sort things out" without the knowledge of what is going on with the system. The risk is simply not worth the small savings of skipping VoIP training.

In an IP world, configuration settings include quality of service (QoS), end-user environments, functionality access, a demilitarized zone (DMZ) and firewall settings -- and a myriad of other things that simply can't be guessed. Of course, depending on IT's level of knowledge of IP, it may be best to outsource the more difficult tasks. Arrange for simple user management training that could be easily accomplished with the right network settings.

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