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How should mobile-first apps fit in our UC strategy?

Mobile-first collaboration is a vital part of a UC strategy. Industry expert Jon Arnold explains why organizations must prioritize mobile collaboration for their employees.

If you're not incorporating mobile-first apps, you probably will pretty soon. It shouldn't be hard to gauge whether you are, even if you just observe how your employees communicate. But a better indicator will be the questions employees ask IT about which mobile-first apps they should use for collaboration. If that chorus is getting louder, you'd better have answers about where mobility fits in your unified communications (UC) strategy.

Most businesses struggle with mobility, because the expectations among employees are higher than what IT can support. Mobility is going to play a central role in how employees collaborate; and if you're experiencing that gap between IT and employees, you're probably facing broader challenges around bring your own device.

For UC to be worthwhile, IT needs to encourage or incentivize employees to use the mobile collaboration apps supported by the company platform. The purpose of UC is to provide a consistent user experience across all collaboration apps and endpoints.

If mobility is the preferred mode for working, IT must support this, as well as desk-based settings. This also means mobile collaboration must integrate seamlessly with employees using fixed-line modes, since not everyone will work wirelessly all the time.

If IT is willing and able to do these things, then mobile-first apps for collaboration can play a prominent role in UC. However, if there's no clear plan for these apps, or they're not implemented well, employees will find their own solutions. This disconnect will cause mobile collaboration to become highly fragmented and loosely tied, at best, to your UC platform. That's not what you had in mind for UC, so you may have some catching up to do.

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