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How many base stations do I need when implementing fixed-mobile convergence?

Unified communications expert Matt Brunk weighs in on fixed-mobile convergence, discussing the optimal number of base stations and other FMC implementation considerations.

Is there a minimum number of base stations that I'd need in order to implement fixed-mobile convergence to cover an area of 150,000 people? Is it necessary to use redundancy?

Generally speaking, you should have between 5,000 and 5,200 square feet per antenna. But then you threw in 150,000 people, which indicates a huge potential for building in more capacity to meet potential demand. Fixed-mobile convergence requires antennas for radios, so consider the makeup of the building(s) and site(s) and give consideration to materials consisting of building construction, because they will ultimately have an impact on the overlap of signals, signal strength and coverage.

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