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How does a single pane of glass impact collaborative apps?

Industry experts discuss how the role of collaborative apps will change as organizations consider deploying single-pane-of-glass platforms.

Organizations looking to deploy a single-pane-of-glass platform need to consider its impact on existing collaborative apps, like email and content management. Organizations should examine whether their applications add value or detract from a single-pane-of-glass deployment, according to industry experts.

In the Frost & Sullivan webinar -- called "A Single Pane of Glass for Collaboration: Fad or Future?" -- industry professionals discussed how deploying a single pane of glass to manage applications and data from a single platform can change the role of collaborative apps in the enterprise.

"Email is a tool stretched beyond its original design point," said Andrew Dixon, senior vice president of marketing and operations at Igloo Software, a cloud-based intranet and social software provider. "Email is a communication tool; it was never designed to be a collaboration tool."

Dixon said Igloo's corporate intranet platform turns email back into a communication tool and allows collaboration to happen through the intranet. Each application within a corporate intranet is email-enabled to notify users if something within the application changes, like a document upload. This encourages employees to use the applications that were designed for collaboration, he said.

Jim Moss, CEO of workplace engagement platform provider Plasticity Labs, said user training is also a factor when existing collaborative apps interact with a single pane of glass.

"If you look at the amount of features people use on a regular basis, the real problem is education," he said.

Users must have the right training to maximize available resources because "there is a right time for email, there is a right time for chat, and there is a right time for a video conference call," Moss said.

Moss added that today's enterprises are caught in an interesting time, as there is a mix of the workforce where legacy communication and collaboration behaviors are deeply entrenched for older workers -- but not for younger workers.

The collaborative apps that can adapt the quickest to changing work habits will reap the benefits of a single pane of glass, he said.

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