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How does a UC cloud-based architecture benefit from SBC services?

A UC cloud-based architecture has similar network needs as on-premises systems. Networking expert Carrie Higbie Goetz explains why SBC services are necessary in a cloud environment.

Session border controllers are a vital part of any unified communications architecture, as they provide translation...

services between incompatible Session Initiation Protocol devices and services. Additionally, SBC security protects enterprise networks and UC services from malicious attacks, such as denial of service and toll fraud.

SBCs are equally important for a UC cloud-based architecture. But the onus is on the end-user organization to determine exactly what SBC services and functionalities are offered by the UC cloud service provider. Don't assume a provider has all the SBC services you need for a cloud-based architecture.

If you have an SBC at your location, you'll want to ensure it works with your cloud provider to prevent interoperability issues. Your cloud service provider may request a certain model of SBC, or provide you with one as part of a managed service at your location.  

SBCs are a first line of defense, and even though you are using a UC cloud-based architecture, you still have the responsibility to protect against toll fraud, denial of service and other malicious attacks. The most important thing is to ask yourself whether you trust your UC cloud provider. If the answer is anything less than yes, look to provide the SBC security services yourself.  

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