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How do you meet VoIP bandwidth requirements?

Making sure VoIP bandwidth is sufficient can be difficult when the network is shared with non-mission critical apps. Expert Michael Brandenburg offers tips on how to support VoIP.

Organizations can employ a number of tactics to ensure voice over IP calls keep coming in despite sharing a network with non-mission-critical apps. The most common approach to support VoIP bandwidth requirements is to apply a mix of virtual local area networks, quality of service (QoS) and traffic prioritization across the network to ensure voice traffic is always segregated or given the highest priority between endpoints and call-control platforms.

For the wide area network, QoS policies can be applied to prioritize VoIP traffic between the service provider and the business over the Internet and prioritize application traffic between remote sites. An enterprise session border controller is often deployed at the network edge to segregate VoIP traffic, enforce QoS policies, and monitor and manage VoIP bandwidth requirements.

Some service providers have designed their access services to carry their voice traffic on its own segment. Many cable providers have architected their services to separate VoIP traffic from data traffic, even though they enter an organization's facility at the same demarcation point. This ensures that neither VoIP traffic nor data traffic are impacted by each other and that VoIP bandwidth requirements are sufficient. Likewise, depending on the particular provider, multipoint label switching networks could be architected to provide a similar separation between data and voice traffic.

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