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How do you ensure adoption of an enterprise communications platform?

UC adoption is not always easy. IT departments must involve users and understand their collaboration needs to ensure adoption of an enterprise communications platform.

Both consumer technologies and enterprise communications platforms are evolving quickly. But workers will adopt consumer-oriented apps -- without IT input -- if the apps meet their collaboration needs.

All businesses struggle with this reality. It's futile to try and stay ahead of the unified communications curve just so employees will follow your lead. It's better to focus on internal processes and understand what applications workers are using to get things done.

IT also needs to understand which modes employees are using -- such as voice, messaging or video -- and how they are using them, whether it's personal communication, in-person collaboration or remote teamwork.

This range of knowledge might be new to IT groups, but it should help with employee adoption of an enterprise communications platform. You'll have more success by making a deployment an inclusive process, rather than taking a top-down approach. A good starting point would be forming a cross-generational advisory team from various departments in your organization.

IT must look inward and adopt the right mindset for managing an enterprise communications platform.

IT teams have likely accepted BYOD, but equally important now is bring your own broadband and bring your own applications. When leveraging network resources, the balance of power is now more even between IT and end users. With platform-independent applications in the cloud, workers can bypass the network altogether.

Employees won't adopt every application you push their way, but you'll lose them even faster by imposing UC on them. To have any success getting employees to adopt an enterprise communications platform, IT must give up legacy-based notions of control and make applications easy to use.

UC adoption can be complex. Since UC is a user-driven technology, IT should provide an intuitive experience with seamless integration across everyday business apps to ensure success.

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