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How do you calculate the bandwidth of a mobile video conference system?

Videoconferencing expert Steve Campbell explains how to measure bandwidth of a mobile video conference to size for your video system deployment.

How do you calculate the bandwidth of a mobile video conference system?

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It's important to calculate the bandwidth of a mobile video conference system so that you can plan to have enough network capacity for your deployment. This will ensure you have a more functional, rather than frustrating, video conference.

In order to calculate mobile video conference bandwidth, you will first need to take an inventory of the likely venues, wireless access points and mobile devices that will be in use. This will have to be an estimate, since it will be difficult to anticipate where your mobile video users will be at all times.

Next, you will need to estimate the maximum bandwidth utilization of each venue. You can base this on the reasonable capacity of the space and the percentage of occupants that may be using video at peak times. Peak usage times will impact wireless capacity utilization and site bandwidth demand, which will determine whether a mobile user can join a video conference.

Once you do your best to estimate mobile video conference bandwidth utilization, you can compare these numbers to the bandwidth you have available on a site-by-site basis. If you cannot add more bandwidth to these sites, you can adjust the call rates down or regulate the number of concurrent video conference calls by using call admission control or scheduling technology.

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