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How do WebRTC services fit in a UC infrastructure?

WebRTC services can supplement your UC architecture and real-time collaboration strategy. Discover the benefits of deploying WebRTC to simplify communications.

WebRTC enables browsers to establish real-time communications that would otherwise require web clients at both the sending and receiving ends. WebRTC services supplement unified communications architecture and, more importantly, can be part of a real-time collaboration strategy. 

WebRTC and UC are not mutually exclusive. WebRTC is an open source project with APIs to enable communication, so the possibilities are plentiful. More than 700 companies use WebRTC services in some form, with Facebook the latest high-profile adopter. WebRTC is supported by a variety of web browsers and operating systems.

So, how can WebRTC services fit into your UC architecture? The capabilities are up to your imagination.

One huge benefit of WebRTC services is the ability to have devices with different operating systems share a platform for communications. Communications-enabled browsers eliminate the need to download clients and can reduce costs for businesses that rely heavily on devices.

Instead of buying Skype for Business clients, for example, WebRTC allows the same communication on browsers, which already exist on users' devices. From a security standpoint, you'll want to set policies for camera and microphone access so the devices are only accessed during communications.  

I suggest researching where WebRTC services could supplement or, in some cases, replace large parts of your platform. Some UC platforms already have hooks into WebRTC APIs. When evaluating potential providers, ask about their plans for open-system interfaces.

Lastly, have a plan for browser updates. WebRTC has updated to operate over HTTPS only for additional security, so older HTTP clients will want to update.  

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