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How do I set up a commercial IP800 service in another country?

How do I set up a commercial IP800 service in another country?

What does it take to set up a commercial IP800 service in another country?
Basically, to set up an 800 number where calls come in over IP -- typically using the SIP protocol -- you have to first have an Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP) in that country which supports this IP-based 800 number service. It must also ensure that it is compatible with the IP PBX or the system you choose to use. As an example, consider this case which uses a MX250 IP PBX system from Zultys:

ITSP in UK with SIP trunking for inbound 800 service←SIP→MX250 IP PBX queues calls←SIP→Agents in USA

With this approach, inbound 800 calls get queued -- in UK or USA, depending on the location of MX250 IP PBX -- and then delivered to agents as they become available.

In general terms, you'll want to find out from your IP PBX equipment manufacturer whether or not they maintain interoperability with an ITSP in the country where you wish to have the 800 number service. If the manufacturer does have some ITSPs for you to choose from, they can likely put you in touch with the ITSP to get an account set up. Using this type of service can typically save a company a lot of money.

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