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How can you measure UC adoption success?

Industry leaders discuss the different ways organizations can measure UC adoption and ensure employees are using the features they need.

Organizations that implement UC training for their employees see increased adoption of UC features. But how can organizations measure the level of adoption and make sure training was truly successful? In the Enterprise Connect panel "How to drive end user adoption of UC," industry leaders discussed just that.

Alan Shen, vice president of services at Unify Square, said taking a quantifiable approach to adoption is important, but many organizations go about it the wrong way. He said he sees organizations that measure UC adoption based on how many noisy users come through the help desk.

"Oftentimes, it's not reflective of reality," he said.

An organization may have the appearance of a stable UC system with few help desk calls, when the reality is users are frustrated and not bothering to use certain features. Conversely, an organization may have a handful of noisy users who create the perception of adoption issues, when most employees have easily adopted UC features.

Lowell Johnson, senior director of advanced services at Cisco, said the value of a UC system rises exponentially with the number of endpoints -- and adopted users can be considered endpoints.

"This is another area where we use ONA (organizational network analysis) to understand the clusters of users that are likely to communicate with each other," he said. This understanding allows organizations to create a plan, which includes UC training, to get users on a UC platform early and adopt features quickly.

Becky Davis, director of technical marketing at Unify, said organizations shouldn't underestimate return on investment (ROI). If an organization can get its employees to use a new audio conferencing feature on a UC system and move away from a separate paid service, that spells huge ROI.

"Those changes come with user adoption of the UC system and that's a huge payback," she said. "I don't think we should underestimate those real, hard dollar savings."

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