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How can social networking and unified communications work together in the enterprise?

Social networking and unified communications can significantly enhance productivity and collaboration in the enterprise. Learn more about using these powerful technologies together.

Social networking is increasingly seen as a key complement to unified communications. How can these two important technologies work together to provide value to the enterprise?

Social networking and unified communications (UC) are very complementary, in the sense that they both seek to enhance productivity and collaboration within and between enterprises. Social networking provides a good deal of non-real-time functional capabilities through tools like wikis, blogs, workspaces, social graphs, microblogging and other attributes. Unified communications can add real-time functions to social computing, allowing for more efficient and immediate communications to take place.

For example, say you're searching through a wiki on your company's social computing platform and you have a question about a response provided by one of your colleagues. By adding him to your buddy list, you can get real-time status of his availability. By adding click-to-call capability, you can reach out to him in real time, regardless of what device he is using, and communicate immediately to resolve your question -- and you can do all this without leaving your wiki page or social computing application. The analogy would be communicating from within a Salesforce.com application. Generally, embedding UC attributes into social networks speeds up communication, adds additional communication channels and enhances collaboration capabilities.

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