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How can organizations add mobile communications components with CPaaS?

Embedding mobile communications into an app isn't as straightforward as deploying CPaaS. When enterprises integrate communications, two scenarios can affect their strategies.

Enterprises looking to add mobile communications components to an application usually fit into one of two scenarios. For example, say an enterprise wants to integrate communications components with its contact center to connect employees, customers, partners and suppliers.

One, the organization already has a contact center and wants to access it via its mobile app.

In this case, a mainstream communications platform as a service (CPaaS) may not be the answer. This is because customization might be required on the CPaaS vendor's end to add the necessary mobile communications components to the contact-center platform -- something that is usually difficult to achieve.

Instead, organizations should find a small development house that specializes in WebRTC and contact centers, or a smaller CPaaS vendor that offers API customization.

 Two, the organization is starting a greenfield contact center and wants to build mobile communications components from the ground up.  

In this case, the organization should use a CPaaS vendor or a cloud-based customer service software vendor that handles both customer relationship management and contact-center software from the start.

In both scenarios, a mobile software developer's kit (SDK) needs to be part of the vendor's offering. Organizations will need to integrate a mobile SDK with the mobile app to add the necessary communications components. If the organization doesn't have a mobile app, then one will need to be developed in-house or with a third-party developer.

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