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How can huddle room technology maximize collaboration success?

Huddle room technology could boost enterprise collaboration. However, businesses need to develop metrics and observe the user experience to capitalize on the benefits of huddle rooms.

For many businesses, huddle room technology offers a new type of collaboration space and represents a new way of...

working. When considering the creation of these spaces -- along with the audio-visual investment needed for collaboration -- organizations should heed some best practices.

To start, recognize that huddle rooms are often used for informal collaboration, usually on an ad hoc basis. As a result, employee demand for the rooms will be hard to predict, and comparing the usage rate of larger, more formal meeting spaces may not be a valid indicator of what to expect.

With this in mind, two types of best practices can help you optimize your huddle room technology.

First, develop usage metrics immediately so a baseline can be established and gauged as you move forward. Metrics could include how often each huddle room is used, how many attendees per meeting, the duration of the meeting, the level of engagement with outside parties and which collaboration applications were used. Over time, these metrics will tell you how many huddle rooms are needed, how big the rooms should be, which collaboration tools to use and what forms of IT support and integrations are needed.

The second best practice focuses on the collaboration user experience (UX) by measuring how huddle room technology meets workers' needs. With huddle rooms as a new commodity, you'll need to define the UX so workers know what to expect and how to compare huddle rooms against other meeting environments, such as larger conference rooms.

After all, you're trying to maximize the value of your investment, and good UX will be critical to driving usage of these spaces. Huddle room technology could improve meeting workflows and enable new modes of collaboration. End users, however, still need their reasons to use these spaces -- and that's what UX best practices can provide.

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This was last published in February 2018

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