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How can a business ensure VoIP quality of service (QoS)?

Ensuring QoS when implementing a VoIP network is a major concern for businesses. Learn how to meet your quality of service goals from ATE panelist Carrie Higbie.

How can a business ensure VoIP quality of service (QoS)?
The first step is to be sure that your routers and switches support QoS, because many of the older ones do not. Second you will want to be sure that your network is healthy. You should turn SNMP (V3) on and monitor your network for a period of time (ideally 30 days as this covers end of month processes and other high traffic times). Look for bit errors, retransmissions, discards, etc. Correct any problems there. Make sure that your cabling is not the cause of any of these errors and that it tests out to be at least category 5e. Then you may also want to put your voice devices on their own VLAN if you have numerous devices. These processes will help ensure that your QoS goals are met. Your installation company will help with the setup of your switches to ensure QoS there as well.

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