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How can WebRTC support enterprise BYOD?

Enterprises that allow employees to use their personal devices for work may find that WebRTC can make BYOD easier to manage and can keep communication secure.

The BYOD trend is growing as more workers today use their own smartphones, tablets and laptops to access work-related information. With the increasing use of BYOD in the workplace, enterprise should take advantage of WebRTC support for BYOD initiatives.

Enterprises need to offer their employees the ability to work through these devices. This means providing pure HTML5 services that can run through any modern Web browser like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, or enabling work-related applications to connect to enterprise data -- be it third-party apps such as email or custom-made apps developed by or for the enterprise.

WebRTC support means secure communications that run on Web browsers and can be embedded into enterprise applications. This makes WebRTC a good technology to be used by enterprises as part of their BYOD initiatives, either by offering access to the enterprise unified communications services via the Web browser or by offering a WebRTC-supported mobile application.

We see these offerings from startup vendors such as Switch Communications and from enterprise incumbents such as Cisco with Spark and Unify with Circuit. These services connect workers via messaging, voice and video capabilities that are focused on team collaboration. These applications use WebRTC support in different ways, but essentially replace the old enterprise phone and the PBX with a more modern alternative.

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