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How can UC&C advance project management?

UC strategies expert Matt Brunk explains how unified communications and collaboration can advance project management.

Can unified communications and collaboration, or any component of this type of solution, advance project management? If so, how?

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Project management is about managing resources and time to accomplish effective and efficient results. Unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) reaches across invisible boundaries and connects people to people. IM, video, desktop sharing, voice and conferencing are empowering tools. When you include mobility with UC&C, you have a reach that is not just empowering, but very useful. Your likelihood of communicating with that person increases because of presence. NextPlane Inc. federates many UC&C platforms to many users, such as at GM and Delphi. Imagine the level of improvement in their communications because these users are federated and can communicate between platforms and themselves.

The obstacles to advancing project management that I foresee are companies that remain with hierarchies and place too many barriers among employees, customers and suppliers. If all three groups cannot communicate freely up and down the organizational ladder, then UC&C suffers, as does efficacy. UC&C can be a valuable tool in delivering the right message to the right person. Removing barriers to communicate internally may be a hindrance to some firms but to advance project management, I think UC&C is golden.

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