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How can IT managers prevent negative BYOD network impact?

UC expert Jon Arnold explains why IT managers should work with end users to prevent negative BYOD network impact and create new business opportunities.

To ensure that BYOD is a benefit to your business, IT must treat end users as partners in how the network is used, rather than bandwidth consumers who need to be managed. The legacy model of command-and-control IT is out of step with today's technology. If employees are more productive when their personal devices are supported by your network, then that should be the new model for IT.

Rather than view this scenario as a power struggle for BYOD network control, IT needs to think of the greater good for the business and unlock new opportunities. BYOD can create new data streams that measure productivity and performance, which management would be keenly interested in. If IT can harness that data, they will be in a newfound position of strength – so, clearly, there is incentive here to embrace BYOD.

When there's a clear motive or payoff to embrace change, solutions can always be found. In this case, the first step may involve a change in mindset to see BYOD as an opportunity rather than a threat. With that said, changes to the network are required. As one might expect, most of the requirements include ensuring network security and protecting personal privacy.

While technology is at the heart of accommodating the BYOD network impact, equally important is establishing best practices and usage policies for employees to follow. The best security infrastructure will still fail if end users are on their own and not actively engaged to make BYOD a win for everyone.

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How do you control BYOD network impact?