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How can I tell if my network will support an extensive videoconferencing system with a video trainin

My company is planning to implement an extensive videoconferencing system with a video training component. How can I tell if my network will support that?
Just like VoIP you will want to do a network audit that includes all layers. People seem to ignore the fact that a lousy cable plant will absolutely ruin any performance and any ROI on even the best equipment. You will also want to look at some trending data for your application usage on the network and make sure that it is running free from errors (use your SNMP data to determine this). Your equipment provider can assist you with the network requirements (beware of stated minimums – very few things operate well with a minimum configuration) and plan accordingly. Lastly, a Certified Infrastructure Auditor can assist with your network planning.
This was last published in March 2005

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