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How are wearable PoV cameras used?

Wearable PoV cameras are used for live video sharing, and there are many reasons this technology is making an impact, says UC expert Matt Brunk.

What are wearable PoV cameras? Do you think this technology has staying power in the industry?

Wearable Point-of-View (PoV) cameras are used by athletes, motocross drivers, consumers and law enforcement all for the same reason: to record live video of what the PoV camera wearer sees. Some PoV devices are glasses, some are headbands with a large camera mounted and some are side-mounted cameras over eyewear or headbands. These types of cameras absolutely have staying power. They are not just the PoV cameras as a singular industry -- but they serve a collection of industries now and will potentially serve more in the near future. The underserved PoV users are the field workers that need to report in live with what they are seeing in real time, streaming the video -- back to a conference room, desktop, smartphone or to wherever is needed to convey what words alone could not describe.

I think PoV technology will penetrate new industries and create new markets and opportunities because of the live video element. Today, seeing a sports figure or consumer partake in a high-thrill sport or outdoor activity provides a great deal of entertainment. While this sells PoVs and lands short clips on YouTube with some brief notoriety, the real opportunities are in the healthcare, service and technical industries and for field workers. Collaboration is a very powerful tool when it involves a live video feed. There is a new generation of PoV coming -- stay tuned.

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Great for those who a active like sports athletes to give us a 1st person view. It can also provide the experience to those that are disabled without the risk of them doing it themselves. The big problem is it opens up a whole new area for security issues. People recording access codes, passwords and confidential documents.