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Does the unified communications trend have staying power?

While many trends fizzle shortly after a product launch, unified communication expert Bill Trussell said that UC is one trend with certain staying power.

Everyone is saying that unified communications is the "next big thing", but does this trend have any staying power? How do we make sure that our implementation will not be obsolete in a few years?
While we have seen many "next big things" launch only to fizzle out after a short run, typically those innovations that save people time and money are not among them. To think that any system which brings together how people are able to communicate into one coherent, interoperable system would not be used beyond its initial "hype" phase is a mistake. As with any new technology implementation, the level of innovation and improvements can be mind boggling at times, so vendor selection can be critical. Selecting a provider that has a clear roadmap and expresses an open standards strategy can help mitigate the risk of obsolescence and the availability of technical support for your selected system.

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