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Does Microsoft manufacture Lync IP phones?

Our resident Microsoft Lync expert explains where to find IP phones that are compatible with Microsoft Lync Server.

Does Microsoft provide IP phones that are compatible with Lync? Where can I find Lync IP phones that work with Microsoft Lync Server?

You would be hard-pressed to find Lync IP phones that come directly from Microsoft. Unlike many other mainstream IP-PBX vendors, Microsoft does not manufacture its own IP phone devices for Lync Server. Instead it depends on a partner ecosystem to provide them. Organizations that deploy Lync servers could choose just to use native Lync client software as a softphone on their existing PCs or mobile devices. Since this could be a bit hard for all the people in an organization to accept, they could also choose to deploy a variety of IP phones from one or many vendors.

Vendors do need to manufacture their IP phones to be compatible with Lync Server, however. A list of qualified IP phones can be found on the Devices page of Microsoft's Unified Communications Open Interoperability Program, or UCOIP, website. Microsoft also has a Lync catalog of IP phones that will allow you to easily compare Lync's qualified IP phones for the features you require. It is important to note that some IP phones run a version of Lync called the Lync Phone Edition while other compatible devices run the vendor's firmware and OS. The key issue for administrators to consider is how firmware updates will be managed. Lync Phone Edition devices can be updated using Lync Server. IP phones that aren't Lync Phone Edition devices require the IP phone vendor to provide update and management tools.

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Would you choose another vendor after finding out Microsoft doesn't manufacture its own IP phone for Lync?
Did people choose another vendor when they discovered that Cisco and Avaya didn't manufacture their own conference phones?  No? Why not? Because the answer was the same then as it is now.  Polycom make exceptional phones.
Also, if your really on the inside and informed enough to write this article you would know that the future actually sits with devices with 3rd party firmware and Lync Qualification... The features are becoming much better and there are many more ways to provision them.  I understand you need to keep the article short but the devil in this space is in the detail.
Absolutely. I am finding that manufacturers other than Microsoft are making Lync phones that are very feature rich and low cost. Polycom makes great Lync phones in the VVX series. Microsoft has chosen to concentrate on the software version of the client and allow other companies who are more savvy in the hard phone business to take care of that side of the coin. Glad they did.
Nope. Let the vendor(hardware) who do their best in manufacture and design phone and let Microsoft solely focus on the Lync software.
Which vendor makes a full set of equipment for UC and does not use oem? None I think. Regarding phones. You can use any sip phones with Lync. This is the great opportunity to choose the most convenient vendor and phones for you. If you can use Microsoft phones only, you lost this opportunity.
No. A lot of manufactured goods have parts if not all of it sub-contracted out to other vendors. Even brand names or an entire line or products have been bought out by competitors. It does not keep me from buying a product just because it may be made by someone else. Warranty and support are my biggest concerns.