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Do organizations need to manage communication APIs?

While organizations are not heavily involved in managing APIs, they should note three important roles that emerge when deploying communication APIs across the enterprise.

In general, organizations are not really required to manage or administer communication APIs. If you are using communications platform as a service, or CPaaS, then things should go smoothly -- theoretically.

However, organizations should heed two important aspects of communication APIs: roles and applications. Generally, three roles are involved in communication API management and administration:

  1. The developer is the one in charge of writing the application itself. The developer may be in-house or external and may be a single person or group of people. The developer makes the initial application work and fixes any bugs when they arise.
  2. DevOps maintains the day-to-day operation. They don't really touch the application or the CPaaS vendor until something breaks. They will, however, require certain tools to monitor and troubleshoot issues.
  3. The financial role is to make sure CPaaS is used within predictable budget limits. While the finance department doesn't need to use the communication API system, it should be able to monitor API usage.

As for applications, multiple applications may be written on top of a communications API. You need to separate the various applications across different departments or cost centers within your enterprise. This means the roles mentioned above might need to be segmented by application or department.

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