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Do hosted and managed UC systems provide more benefits for certain enterprises?

Hosted and managed UC systems will benefit enterprises and organizations across the spectrum, regardless of size and industry.

What types of organizations (in terms of industry, size etc.) will benefit the most from hosted or managed unified communications (UC) systems?
There is no limit with regards to size and industry as to which organizations and enterprises could reap the most benefits from hosted and managed unified communications (UC) systems.

For example, my Apple iPhone provides UC for my specific needs. Likewise, hosted and managed UC can benefit any organization of any size. The key to determining if hosted or managed UC is right for your organization is to conduct a UC assessment.

Now, let me throw in a few questions to stir the pot.

Every organization needs to determine which business processes can be improved using hosted or managed UC. Then you need to ask, "Are we increasing our costs to our customers because we are utilizing our own resources inefficiently?" You also need to ask the very important question, "How can we use UC to "green" our companies, employees, customers and suppliers?"

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