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Do embedded communications require CPaaS or WebRTC?

When deploying embedded communications, some enterprises might consider CPaaS or WebRTC support. But one expert explains why CPaaS and WebRTC should not be compared.

You can't compare communications platform as a service to Web Real-Time Communications. WebRTC is a piece of technology,...

not a service. It is a building block that works with other components to comprise the technology stack used in an application or service. WebRTC support deals with embedded communications, so you might think of it as competing with, or complementary to, communications platform as a service, or CPaaS.

If you are trying to build a product that needs communications functionality, you can use a CPaaS vendor to manage embedded communications for you, letting you focus on your product and user experience instead. It is within the same concept of using Amazon Web Services instead of purchasing physical machines and putting them in a data center.

Most CPaaS vendors support WebRTC in one way or another, because WebRTC enables them to add web browsers to the list of devices they support for embedded communications. The question then becomes: Which CPaaS vendor should you choose that will also cover the requirements you have for WebRTC?

Alternatively, you could use a separate vendor for WebRTC, or develop that part on your own instead of buying that capability from a single vendor.

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