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Do SIP trunking services need disaster recovery planning?

Don't forget about SIP trunking services during your disaster recovery planning process. Networking expert Michael Brandenburg explains SIP trunking setups for disaster recovery.

Just like any other service, SIP trunking services need to be considered in the disaster recovery planning process. Because Session Initiation Protocol, or SIP, trunks are delivered over IP networks instead of dedicated circuits, the number of ways SIP can support your disaster recovery plans is significantly higher.

At a basic level, most SIP trunking providers allow administrators to redirect direct inward dialing and business telephone numbers to alternate numbers. In the event of a disaster, administrators can log into a web portal and activate the redirect for SIP trunking services. Phone calls can be redirected to any other number across the PSTN. Calls could be pushed to employee mobile phones or another office.

Most SIP trunking services support more advanced disaster recovery options. In the event of an outage at one site, a business' SIP trunks can be rerouted to another site over the wide area network. This type of failover can also be used to prevent outages at the primary site by allowing SIP traffic to flow over a secondary broadband connection.

For organizations that need additional failover options, certain carriers are now supporting SIP trunks carried over a wireless LTE connection. A wireless connection could be used to support any number of disaster recovery scenarios.

The type of disaster recovery plan a business has largely defines how much setup is needed. With SIP trunks delivered over IP, the required setup will simply be in configuration. There is no need for expensive secondary circuits.

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