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Choosing a VoIP or UC course of study

Both unified communications (UC) and VoIP will be relevant in years to come.

I am a college student and have been reading a lot about the UC hype. Does this mean I should concentrate my studies on UC rather than VoIP? I want to make sure my knowledge is still relevant in the market in 4 years.
Unified Communications involves more than VoIP, to be sure, but you will quickly realize that you need broad and deep knowledge of VoIP, whether it's a subject area unto itself, or a component of a broader UC curriculum. Neither UC nor VoIP is likely to "dry up and blow away" in the next four years, so I would advise you to follow whichever direction most engages your enthusiasm and your interest. That said, I don't think you will be making a mistake in choosing either of these two possible areas of concentration. Good luck with your studies, and with your upcoming career development and experiences.

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