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Can you provide some real-world benefits of deploying SIP?

Can you provide some real-world benefits of deploying SIP?

Can you provide some real-world benefits of deploying SIP?
A great example is the recent deployment of a native SIP softswitch by FIDUCIA IT, a German IT service provider. What's interesting is that FIDUCIA IT did not just purchase the SIP-based platform for its own use. FIDUCIA IT plans to use the platform as an overlay network that will serve customers in the German banking industry. With the open, SIP-based softswitch, FIDUCIA IT will be able to provide market-leading compatibility with the other commonly used protocols used by the banks it supports. This pure SIP implementation, versus a proprietary bolt-on SIP solution, will give FIDUCIA IT the flexibility it needs to host VoIP applications and features, including the hosting of communication services, CTI applications and unified messaging over IP via wide area networks (WANs).

As another example, Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc., recently integrated its SIP-based Genesys 7 portfolio of contact center management applications with the Siemens HiPath 8000 IP system. The two companies are now working with customers to combine the two SIP portfolios to provide a new generation of call center management and communication solutions. For example, the combined SIP technologies enable transferring of calls along with customer data, the real-time tracking of each agent's status and the routing of calls to the most appropriate agent – all without a CTI link. The combination brings all of an enterprise's resources to an agent, regardless of location, to provide quality customer care.

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