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Can you give me an overview of VoIP?

Can you give me an overview of VoIP?
In its simplest form VoIP simply means the transporting of packets containing voice over the network (LAN, WAN, or Internet). In the early days people looked at VoIP primarily as a means of saving money because it allowed the ability to make calls that bypass the traditional telephony network (PSTN).

Today enterprises are looking at VoIP as a small piece of a much larger communications solution. Just as HTTP and...

HTML enabled a significant evolution in use of the Internet, SIP is enabling the same in the world of IP based communications. SIP is very similar to HTTP so network administrators know how to deal with it. SIP today allows for voice, video, fax, presence and instant messaging, and other applications over IP. SIP is extensible, which means it can be built upon to accommodate new forms of communication as they are developed. All of these applications allow for a business to run more efficiently and today enterprises are deploying such solutions because of these significant gains in productivity that can be achieved.

Here are some links to additional information and white papers:

  • http://www.voip-news.com/1/voiptutorial.htm
  • http://www.zultys.com/products/Frost&Sullivan_WP.pdf
  • This was last published in March 2004

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